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posted on December 17, 2001 06:43:10 PM new
Hi Damon,

I have used paypal almost from when it first opened, for buying and selling on Ebay. I decided to try one of the online casino's, RomanCasino.com and I made a mistake of sending money directly from paypal's site and not from their site linked to yours. I sent $300.00 and have the confirmation that it was sent to RomanCasino's account, but they told me that because I sent it from PayPal's site, they won't credit me my money or return it. I explained to them that the money was transfered, and sent them all the info (account it went into, date, transaction number, etc) and asked them to check their account. They said they CAN'T access the account to check it, and won't credit my money or refund it. They said it was between PayPal and me, and that they won't refund my money or credit my account.

We are talking about $300.00 that went into their international verified account.

If this casino can take my money without any consequences, they can do it to anybody.

I have no problem with paypal letting online casinos' use paypal. I do have a problem with a casino that takes a paypal payment and then refuses to honor the transaction.

Damon, I hope you can help me out.


Kelly B
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posted on December 17, 2001 11:24:19 PM new
It's highly unlikely that Damon will help you on this problem. He is simply put here to make complaining customers look like they were totally at fault for any problems they might have encountered. I'm sure PayPal has some kind of "fine print" rule that will not protect you in this case but we'll see.

posted on December 21, 2001 04:58:47 PM new
I have read many stories where PaypalDamon has helped people. I posted this on the 17th and still no answer from Damon. Now I am starting to wonder if Paypal Damon will even answer this.

I hope he does.


As an update, I filled out the Paypal customer complaint form. The casino sent an email and "promised" me that they do not rip people off. They said they are now willing to give me my money back, but they told me I have to cancel the complaint before they can do that. They still have my $300.00 and I have nothing. If I cancel my complaint they will still have my money.

Kelly B

posted on December 21, 2001 05:39:10 PM new
Hi kellyb1,

My apologies, but I did overlook this item this week. Please send me the information, as I can have someone assist with this matter.


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